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My afternoon with HuggingTweets

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How working as an editor has made me a better data scientist

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…and how I am finding my way back

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How language can be used to both identify and obscure

(Observing from the) background

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An ethical framework for natural language applications


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An Argument for Verified Humans (Part III)


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An Argument for Verified Humans (Part II)


Photo by Marat Gilyadzinov on Unsplash (Author’s note: In either Autumn or Winter of his Seasons Quartet, Karl Ove Knausgaard supposes the hypothetical life of the human brain, removed from the confines of the skull, as an independent organism; he suggests that the brain would be a sea creature not unlike a jellyfish, with nerves like tentacles floating behind it. I liked the imagery evoked by supposing this strange yet familiar creature, as well as the implied importance of anatomy, for if our brains were not given our bodies, what good would they be? — and so is it the body that defines want, and the brain a servant of the body? — and so what can we make of a neural network?)

An Argument for Verified Humans (Part I)


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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence, Opinion

What do we question when we ask if machines can think?

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What analogies can tell us about our language and our algorithms

Danielle Boccelli

Senior Data Scientist @trustpage | MSc Analytics @GeorgiaTech | BSc ChemEng @DrexelUniv | @danielleboccell

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